X Out By Proactiv – Is it Worth the Hype?

What Is X Out

X Out is made by Proactiv, which is a company formed by two female dermatologists, Rodan & Fields. It is marketed by a firm called Guthy-Renker, and I think it is safe to say that they are doing a great job in that department.

It is an acne treatment product consisting of just one step versus the original Proactiv formula, which is a 3 step process. I can’t say for sure, but my belief is that they wanted a product that your typical teenager would use according to the product’s instructions, and being that it is a simple face wash, it is a much simpler process.

How Does X Out Work

The product comes in a pump type dispenser, making it easy to use the correct amount. The main ingredient fighting the acne is a prescription grade of benzoyl peroxide, but it also contains other ingredients that are meant to moisturize and improve your skin tone. Because of the ingredients, it is recommended that users be careful when there is a risk of being exposed to UV rays, as it will burn your skin.

The recommended time to leave this product on your skin is two minutes, however, when you first begin using it, I would recommend just washing your face and rinsing until your skin gets used to it. Your face will feel cold, almost like a tingling cold after using, but this is normal.

You can also use X Out as a mask, but again, I would not recommend this until you are sure that your skin can tolerate leaving the product on your face for any amount of time. The mask is recommended to stay on for 10 minutes.

Another use would be if you have a specific pimple or two that you want to give a little more attention to, in this case, it can be used as a spot cream. Simply dab a little of the product on your affected area, and leave on overnight. This actually works quite well, but you would not want to use it all over your face for an entire night.

X Out is geared toward the teenage audience with mild or moderate acne. If you have severe acne, you may want to see a dermatologist for recommendations.

Obviously, as with any skin care product, they claim that results will vary, and this is a completely normal statement. All skin types are different, as is the person using the product.

What Comes With Your Order of X Out?

X Out Acne Wash-In Treatment (30 or 90 Day Supply)
X Out Cleansing Body Bar
X Out Spot Corrector
X Out Shine Control
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Does X Out Actually Work to Fight Acne?

You may be here because you have already browsed the X Out website and saw all of the before and after photos. Remember, their marketing firm is great at one thing, and that is getting people to buy into the recurring subscription. There is no actual proof on their site that the product works. It takes finding reviews from actual users, and that is what we are trying to help with. You can read real X Out reviews by people who claim to have used the product, just be careful that it is not too pushy, as it could be some sort of sales pitch. It is usually easy to detect a genuine review if you look close enough.