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Criminal Defense Attorney vs. Court Appointed

Being faced with criminal charges can be one of the lowest, most stressful points in your life. You may find yourself in a panic mode coupled with anxiety which slowly takes over your mind, and you begin imagining yourself in the most dreaded gates of the prison.

At this point, you need a lot of help and support from every corner. One of the people that can make a huge impact on the outcome of your case is a criminal defense attorney. He should not only be an attorney, but an aggressive one. The Akron Bar Association can assist you in finding an attorney.

Why must a lawyer be aggressive?

akron criminal defense lawyer free consultationLaws against any form of crime in Ohio are very tough, and many times can be a guarantee of several years in prison if you are charged. If the attorney is complaisant, you might find yourself in prison sooner rather than later. There should be absolutely no room for error.

Unmotivated and timid lawyers should not be on your mind at this time. An audacious, direct, and firm lawyer is the way to go.

When seeking an attorney located in Akron, Ohio, you may want to steer clear of a court appointed attorney. They are not as experienced as a criminal lawyer.

Reduced charges

Sometimes you might be facing serious charges that can land you several years in jail. In such a case, a criminal lawyer has the prowess gained from experience and expertise to engage the prosecutor through active and intense negotiation. The negotiations can result in a reduced number of charges, reduced period of sentencing, and decreased penalties.

Expertise at its best

A criminal defense attorney is one who is familiar with all the vital legal rules which an ordinary lawyer will find difficult to pinpoint and bring out prudent interpretation from it.

Protects your rights

An aggressive criminal defense lawyer will go out of his way and comfort zone to ensure your rights are not violated. For instance, the attorney will ensure you are protected from unauthorized torture by the police and the prosecutor. The attorney will also ensure that you don’t give out information without his consent.

Help you deal with the outside pressures

Outside pressures include pressure from the family, police, judges, prosecutors and the public. Both play an integral role in your case. For instance, a police will want you persecuted, the community perception of the crime might want you persecuted, the judge and the prosecutor might also want the same outcome. This might affect you negatively and increase anxiety and lower your self-esteem. A contentious lawyer ensures these factors do not affect your case negatively in any way.

Taking care of witnesses

The attorney gathers information from witnesses and goes the extra mile to gauge the integrity of the statements. The attorney has an edge in thoroughly engaging the witnesses in the courtroom.


Remember that an Akron criminal defense attorney will often offer a free consultation, so don't be afraid to contact more than one until you feel comfortable knowing that you will be properly represented.


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